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Too Good To Be True?

How does LifePrep meet the needs of schools? 

LifePrep offers a completely customized product for each school based on its needs and wants. There are three general products:  

  • White-glove service: Full supervision of a general studies department from beginning to end,  

  • Full consulting services that empower schools to be successful in general studies,  

  • Licensed curricula available for purchase by schools.  

LifePrep meets with each school to audit its program, identifying the exact areas of challenge. In partnership with the school, LifePrep develops a tailor-made program to meet their needs 


How can one program be the solution when each Yeshiva is unique?  

One of LifePrep’s greatest strengths is its adaptability. Although LifePrep has created a full suite of courses, decisions such as which courses to offer, how many periods to provide, and what services to utilize are entirely at the individual school’s discretion. 

Do LifePrep graduates receive an accredited diploma?

Yes, although the details do vary by state. In New Jersey, for example, LifePrep’s curriculum satisfies the requirements necessary to earn a diploma. In New York, however, five Regents courses must be integrated into the program. LifePrep is in the process of redesigning these courses and incorporating the structure necessary to satisfy the state requirements. 

What is Module Based Instruction, and why is it so effective? 

The modular approach shifts traditional textbook-based methods of instruction to an outcome-oriented learning paradigm. Modularization divides a curriculum into small, discrete modules or units that are typically short in duration, making it easier for students to remain engaged throughout the lesson. This results in a more focused and efficient learning experience. A more thorough understanding leads to greater retention. Students appreciate that it enables them to more easily learn complex material in less time.

What track record does LifePrep have?

LifePrep was launched four years ago and has been met with resounding success in 16 Yeshivas. These include world-renowned yeshivas such as Yeshivas Novominsk and Chaim Berlin in Brooklyn, Ohel Torah of Monsey, Yeshiva Shaarei Chaim of Far Rockaway, Yeshiva Shaarei Orah - Rabbi Daniel Cohn’s yeshiva, and Mesivta of Long Beach, among others. In 2022, the first year Regents were administered after Covid, 97% of LifePrep talmidim passed the exams with average scores in the mid-80s all while using half the time for the life-skill based curriculum. 

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