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Rabbi Eliyohu Hirsch

Central Jersey Regional Director


After learning in Riverdale Yeshiva and the Mir, Rabbi Eliyohu Hirsch received smicha from Beth Medrosh Govoha and entered the world of chinuch, serving as a 7th grade rebbi in Edison, NJ and a teacher in Satmar Yeshiva in Lakewood. He then became a principal in Roosevelt Yeshiva and later a principal in Satmar as well. "Serving as regional director for LifePrep gives me the opportunity to  be in many Yeshivas at the same time!"

Rabbi Yochanan Yankelewitz

Monsey & Northern NJ Regional Director


Rabbi Yochanan Yankelewitz has been an upper-elementary school Rebbi for close to fifteen years.

He has taught American History in the LifePrep system, and for the past few years has been General Studies Principal in Mesivta Ohr Naftoli in New Windsor.

Rabbi Ephraim Bernstein

Brooklyn & Five Towns Regional Director


Rabbi Ephraim Bernstein holds a Master of Science degree in Education from Johns Hopkins University and has served as an educator and academic coordinator and consultant for over two decades. Additionally, he has been a high school principal for the past eighteen years.

Rabbi Moshe Holender brings to LifePrep his innate creativity and 15+ years of experience as an entrepreneur and chief editor of leading Jewish publications. Guided by his passion for LifePrep's mission, he manages the curriculum development and design team.


Director of Curriculum Development & Design

Rabbi Moshe Holender
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Rabbi Tzvi Rosenthal

Chief Operating Officer

As a successful Menahel and Principal, Rabbi Tzvi Rosenthal brings over 40 years of educational administration expertise to our LifePrep Executive Team. His keen business acumen, honed with a hands-on understanding of the needs and goals of Mosdos, has propelled LifePrep in its aim as the premier provider of student empowerment.

Rabbi Eliyahu Efroymson


Rabbi Eliyahu Efroymson served as a successful principal in one of America's premier yeshivos. During this time, he found himself grappling with the same challenges faced across the Yeshiva world. The strong need for change inspired him to found LifePrep, whose mission is to provide yeshiva students with a relevant and culturally sensitive secular education, strengthening academic outcomes and giving them the knowledge and skills they may need to succeed in life.

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