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Our Mission

LifePrep aims to provide Yeshiva high school students with a relevant and culturally sensitive secular education, giving them the knowledge and skills they may need to succeed in life.

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The LifePrep Curriculum


LifePrep has revolutionized secular studies by designing a curriculum tailored to today’s students.

The courses—designed by frum, highly educated individuals— focus on practical life skills and real-world applications presented from a Torah perspective, emphasizing the Ribono Shel Olam’s hidden hand and Niflaos Haborei.

Once a LifePrep lesson has been carefully drafted, the talented graphic design team transforms it into a beautiful and engaging presentation, resulting in a superior product that stands out among available options in the world of education.

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Each class uses realistic, true-to-life scenarios and hands-on coursework.

Even core competencies (Math, History, Science, and Language Arts) are taught within the context of everyday life in an engaging way. For example, Anatomy & Physiology becomes, “Your Body, Your Health, Your Life.” Language Arts becomes “Persuasive Writing“ and “Public Speaking.” Economics is taught as “Personal Finance & Budgeting”.

Utilizing module-based instruction, LifePrep provides instructors with eye-catching PowerPoint presentations and multimedia for each class.

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Why is it so effective?

The modular approach shifts traditional textbook-based methods of instruction to an outcome-oriented learning paradigm. Modularization divides a curriculum into small,
discrete modules or units, making it easier for students to remain engaged throughout the lesson. This results in a more focused and efficient learning experience.

PowerPoint presentations captivate students, while coursework keeps them focused on what is being taught, enabling them to better absorb and retain information.

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Exciting to Teach. Exciting to Learn.

LifePrep’s ready-to-present, hashkafically sound curriculum significantly cuts down teacher prep time and elicits enthusiasm from students. This winning combination attracts high-quality instructors who bring their passion to the classroom.

Each module includes realistic, true-to-life scenarios and hands-on coursework. Students appreciate the modular approach as it enables them to more easily learn complex material in less time.

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Cutting-Edge Engaging Curricula

The captivating PowerPoint presentations and worksheets keep them engaged on what is being taught throughout the class, and facilitate easy review for testing. Students appreciate this and come to class with a more positive mindset, resulting in less student apathy, less teacher frustration, and fewer discipline problems.

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