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Yeshiva Secular Studies



97% of LifePrep talmidim passed their NY State Regents Exams with average scores in the mid-80s, while using half the time for a life-skill based curriculum.

Our Mission

LifePrep aims to provide Yeshiva high school students with a relevant and culturally sensitive secular education providing them with the knowledge and skills they may need to succeed in life.


Our goal is to equip students with the tools and skills necessary to advance in their education and chosen careers, promoting success as productive members of the community. With practical and engaging curricula customized to and compatible with the core Jewish values of our respective member high schools taught by world-class instructors, LifePrep is equipped to implement and track the successful execution of its mission.

Join the ever-growing number of mesivtas benefiting from our succesful secular studies program!


We design it--together

LifePrep has designed an interactive and highly relevant curriculum tailored to today’s student. Using module-based instruction, each class includes eye-catching PowerPoint presentations and hands-on coursework, focusing on life skills and realistic scenarios.


Even core competencies (Math, History, Science, and Language Arts) are taught within the context of everyday life in an engaging way. For example, Anatomy & Physiology becomes, “Your Body, Your Health, Your Life.” Language Arts becomes “Persuasive Writing“ and “Public Speaking.” Economics is taught as “Personal Finance & Budgeting.”


We teach it--together

LifePrep’s unique curriculum attracts top-notch talent, drawn from a pool of prominent professionals and Rebbeim and Rabbanim, to teach each course. Instructors go “beyond the book,” bringing their realworld expertise into the classroom, eliciting energy and enthusiasm from the students


Paramedics and health professionals teach Your Body, Your Health, Your Life. Mayors, politicians, and attorneys teach Government & Law. Accountants, financial advisers, and businessmen teach Financial Literacy and Budgeting. Rebbeim and Rabbanim teach Public Speaking, Jewish History and the Science Behind the Halacha.